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“Love all sorts of life under the shelter of the Virgin Mary“
Under this motto we understand the request for a conscious handling of the whole world and all sorts of life. To respect God’s creation and the mental and physical freedom of every living being.
To love life means that with birth we consent to fulfill our life plan. During the course of our lives we are confronted with different situations which will arouse joy and some perfect moments of happiness within us. We experience health, but also illness, grief, rage, sorrow and hate.
Accept life and love as it comes around. Feel the emotions that life has to offer and accept everything in love.
Which possibilities arise as a result of the evocation of these feelings? What can we give back? Do we open our hearts to this person no matter what comes across?
If we recognize a weak side to a person and this generates fear or rage, it would be easy to turn away. Do we listen to our hearts? Will we recognize which feelings have been caused by this person?
We ask ourselves: Can we trust in this person despite his or her emotions? And can we trust in this person and offer him or her friendship? Can we love our enemies?

If we manage this leap to first forgive ourselves that we are frightened or annoyed by the emotions of the person and as a result respect and accept the other, then we are on the right path. We have an open heart, we are completely at peace. We experience how it is to love all sorts of life and to trust in the shelter of the Virgin Mary.

It depends on this leap, on this personal change: from a negative vibe in us (anger-rage-fear-rejection) to a positive vibe (respect-acceptance-love-refusal). We can only receive with an open heart, calm down – look closely – listen – and sense feelings.

Thereby the Virgin Mary helps us. She is a powerful woman. She surrounds us. We can always consult her. She faced life with a lot of joy and also spreads this joy.

If we are under her protection, we will experience Mary as a mother, giving help and assistance. Under her protection we never have to feel fear. We can always ask advice from Mary concerning our feelings, emotions and problems. We plead and we conceive: Conceiving welfare, help, power, shelter, awareness and so on. The more we open ourselves, the more we can feel the protection of the Virgin Mary in our daily lives. That’s why prayers are so important every day.

At our Virgin Mary’s ritual the Blessed Virgin Mary spreads her shell over us. How intense this could be, we can feel in everyday life.
Lots of people repress their problems, because their feelings unhinge them and make them vulnerable! What helps these people?
Sometimes it’s prayer or just listening to the person or putting one’s arm around him or her - but also keeping a distance. We pray in lots of situations quite calmly to Mary. Then we witness how Mary will act, in us and others.
Also when our prayers go unanswered and we look back after the years, then we will notice, that it was better for us. We were under the protection of our Virgin Mary.
Belonging to our motto, we live under the protection of the Virgin Mary our entire personal freedom. We serve Mary and live our entire normal life. We are under the mighty shelter of the Virgin Mary and live the attitude to love all sorts of life.