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Rosary Prayers

Every Rosary Prayer with our pleas or gratitudes is carried by angels to the Virgin Mary.

When you pray the Rosary, you come to peace and harmony in yourself, reach your core and help with your prayer other people.
If you want to entrust to the Virgin Mary something, you put your pleas and hardships in your own words, because no one can put this in more truthful words than yourself.

The blessed Virgin Mary lives in your heart and knows your hardships, pray to her if you….

  • are exposed to a certain burden and feel powerless
  • are beset with unbearable fears and find no shelter
  • have lost a loved person and/or live in mourning
  • are alone, live without friends
  • are ill and/or have to suffer pain
  • ask for help for loved persons or for them

Blessed Virgin Mary, YOU are the ear, that hears my soul.
Blessed Virgin Mary, YOU are the way, that guides me inwards.
Blessed Virgin Mary, YOU are the silence that gives me power.