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Mary and the Animals

In the year 1996 the Virgin Mary appeared to several people at Castle Raiffershardt in Herchen, district Windeck.
During her appearances the Virgin Mary promised that she would hear pleas and prayers expressed at this sacred place.
In particular, she emphasized that she would hear pleas for animals, especially sick animals, at this chosen place.
Simultaneously she expressed two wishes. Firstly erecting a statue of her and secondly opening a holy spring. She indicated the place, where this holy spring passes through and requested to build a fountain, in order to make this holy water available to heal people and animals.
Twenty years before the Virgin Mary appeared to a few people at this place with the same request. Unfortunately people didn’t put her wishes into effect, because they were scared of the reactions of fellowmen.
The benediction of the grotto took place on the 22th of December 1997. Meanwhile a wonderful pavilion was erected, which invites people to stop and to pray close to the statue of the Virgin Mary. Visitors are still telling stories of Her appearance and healing.

Come and visit the grotto with its nice pavilion, scoop water from the spring, tell the Virgin Mary your sorrows, desires and wishes and rest a moment at this place of peace.

Our Order invites and offers regular Worship services, rosary prayers and other ceremonies at the grotto and we’d like to warmly invite you to this. Actual dates are posted on the page under the section entitled “News”.