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We are pleased to welcome you and we are happy that you are interested in the Virgin Mary and her Order, which has been set up to honour her. It is our wish to serve her. May we introduce us and our beliefs.

Archabbess of the Order “Queen of Heaven”

In the year 2005 I have overtaken the task of the Archabbess of the Order “Queen of Heaven”.

I could foresee, what this means for me and my life.

When I was a child I have loved it to sink into a prayer and my step mother was laughing about me, because I was grown up within a protestantic area in the North of Germany in the region of Oldenburg. I attended regularly with my parents the Bible lessons and there I was asking questions, like reincarnation, which could not be answered by the Pastor. This encouraged me to search for God by myself.

I got married very young and I have four children, but my longing to God was not satisfied. Due to this feeling I have started to search for him again.

Being the Archabbess is a big challenge for me. I see it as my task to lead the sisters of the Order to the universal connection and to live it by myself. The knowledge, that everybody is part of God and has a specific task here on earth, which he has to do with love, devotion and engagement with the support of our Virgin Mary, who is the Queen of the angels.

A lot of women in various countries feel connected to these thoughts and decide to join the Order of Mary as a sister. This does not mean, that a sister of our Order is leaving her family, no exactly the opposite happens! Each sister stays within her sphere of activities and lets her love flow into her daily work.

The result is, that within these families the connection and love to our Virgin Mary is alive. The daily life is easier and the challenges are handled differently with the confidence to our Virgin Mary.

For me personally it is touching to see how each sister of the Order is growing. I help everyone as much as I can to discover their personal talents and to develop her personality, with the result, that more and more women join our Order.

Meanwhile the Order “Queen of Heaven” is established in the following countries: Germany, Spain, Hungary, Romania, Czech and Slovakia.

This means for me, that I have to travel regularly to these countries to visit the sisters and to celebrate the holy mass with them to honour our Virgin Mary.

The task of the Order is, to connect more and more people to the love of our Virgin Mary. This does not mean that each woman has to join as a sister of our Order. The most important thing is to listen to the inner voice, to open myself, to become more and more confident and to live what this inner voice is telling me. The more often I feel this inner connection, the more I can deal with it.

We are also pleased to invite and to welcome men to participate our holy services and to open themselves for this kind of energy.

Christel Wiesmeth

Archabbess of the Order “Queen of Heaven”